A poem on perfectionism


You want to be perfect,

Like a piece of art, a picture or a song.

Well-designed, clean, shiny and colorful,

Melodic and in harmony all the time.

Everybody should admire you,

It should seem as if you are effortlessly wonderful, at ease all the time,

You should always look the right way, pose at the right angle, speak at the right pace with the right words.

“Be perfect!”

Otherwise, you are defective,

One foot wrong and you are not perfect any more,

When you have a conflict, when you are sad or angry,

When you cannot accept what life brings to you and not control what happens,

You are no more perfect.

And who wants to be imperfect?

As if you are made of one dimension, you desire to be “perfect” always under all circumstances.

“You must be perfect!”

Like the stretch to infinity, like an endless loop: you try, you try, you plan, correct, pose, check and regret, then beat yourself up, and then try again and again and again.

one mistake is enough, to break the illusion cycle of perfection,

to make you imperfect and unlovable.

What you must understand is that, you are not a snapshot or a picture,

but a human being, you are the life itself.

And life is never perfect, it is just good enough.

If you accept to be good enough,

then when you relieve, that is when you realize all the tension, all the stress of being and staying “perfect” all the time.

To be perfect according to the norms of somebody else.

When you realize the impossibility to reach this ideal that was created for you,

you can let it go, you can start living your life really as you are.

You are free to be imperfect: to be yourself.

You are a person, with multiple layers and dimensions.

With the good and the bad, with perfections and mistakes, with your efforts and shortcomings,

With all the contradictions and hesitations, with all the things that make you “imperfect”,

You are an off-key song, a disturbing picture and a hideous piece of art at times.

You are ugly, you are messy, and you are wonderful at the same time.

You are you.

It is enough, to be good enough.



New York

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