My rock

This one is to you.

When we met 10 years ago, I knew you were the one.

Don't ask me why. I just did. (we, women do.)

Since then, you have been always there.

You have been through the PhD with me...

those three letters and five years.

then life took us across the ocean, with you my partner in crime.

We left everything we had behind.

Everyone we know.

And started from scratch.

Weren't we scared?

Like hell.

But that didn't stop us.

You loved me in a way that no one ever loved me before.

You didn't just love my body.

You were able to see my soul and love that.

You touched my wounds and you didn't run way or got scared.

You are the gentlest soul I know.

Even when I didn't know what to do with myself,

Even when I didn't want to see myself,

you were there, silently, as my witness.

You made sacrifices for me,

a year from your life when you didn't get to work.

then you protected me like no one else did before, against everyone.

you stood up high and fight for me every single day.

and you did all that with a smile on your face.

you always appreciated me, every little thing.

Accepted as much as I gave,

and never pushed me to somewhere that I was not comfortable.

Then now after 10 years, 3 countries and a baby,

when I don't have a job and don't know what lies ahead.

when I am afraid to become a stereotype,

when I gained weight and lost most of my hair...

you are still there loving me, cheering me up and believing me and my dreams

more than me sometimes.

picking up my pieces when I am so broken,

and telling me once more to go after them when I am so tired of fighting.

You make me believe in miracles.

I know I can be a handful.

I am wild and untamed...

I get too excited too fast,

I get disappointed even faster.

I have crazy dreams, bigger than my life maybe.

I talk too fast and ask too much sometimes...

I know I want you to go to places in your soul sometimes that you don't want

to make you aware,

to make you grow.

I know you get me when I want you to do certain things.

I know that you know how much I love you.

I know how much you love me.

How can someone be so gentle yet tough one might ask. You can.

You are my partner in crime, my witness,

The father of my child and my lover.

You are, Arda, someone to celebrate.

You are my rock.

and this crazy woman loves you till the end.

Feb 26,2021