Sweet child of mine

Updated: Feb 18

A poem for my daughter

Sweet Child Of Mine

Every time I look at you, I feel a fresh breeze of wind touching my cheek

The beauty of being a child, carefree and cheerful.

You teach me how to be a child

Oh, how much I love you being a child

You are sweet child of mine.

Every time you turn and laugh at me,

Every time you invite me to play or play by yourself

Something deep down in me melts down.

The mountains of anger, disappointment, and sadness fade away as you smile at me

A wound heals slowly.

Every time I hug you and rock you to sleep,

Every time you cry and I am there to hold you tight,

Every time I slow down and watch you be,

I think of the beauty of the human spirit and resilience.

Those moments I know I am not broken and I can heal,

You are my miracle,

You are sweet child of mine.

I may not have the childhood that I would like,

But I can give you the childhood that you deserve.

You are the mirror that life holds up to me.

You are a letter from the past and an arch to the future.

You are sweet child of mine.

I strive to be the adult that I want you to become,

And, oh Eleanor you make me a better person.

Every time I get you, I celebrate.

and each time that I miss it - I listen to you a bit more closer,

You teach me how to be a mother every single day.

You are a gift from above that I am forever grateful.

Eleanor, you are the "bright and shining one".

You are sweet child of mine.


Dec, 19 2020


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