The fight is over, soldier.

It is a new dawn, it is a new day.

When I read the book Life is in Transitions from Bruce Feiler last year, I finally felt like I can make some sense of the craziness in my life for the past 5 years. He interviewed many people across the US and found that we go through major life transitions every 5-6 years or so in our lives. Some of these transitions are so strong and unsettling that he called them "life-quakes". In his beautiful book, he explains these transitions and how to master them rather than avoiding them or waiting them to pass.

I remember feeling so glad to coming across this beautiful book and thinking "Finally! It makes sense - yes I am going through a life transition." The next question came to my mind was, "When this thing will be over???!!!"

It is has been a WHIRWIND.

Since 2015, I graduated from Ph.D., got married, moved to the US, started a new job, had my daughter, left my job, moved internationally again - this time to Canada, left my career behind and applied to school, finally in 2021 I became permanent resident of Canada. I feel like finally things have reached a plateau.

My 6 years long transitions had so many ups and downs, lots of excitement and frustration.

I have been searching for home and myself. I felt like coming home when I finally decided to be authentic to myself and leaving my career behind last year.

Yet I was not totally done, as I was in an immigration limbo... Today as we received our permanent residency confirmation from Canada, my search for home is finally over.

This is one of the happiest days of my life.

Finally I can stop worrying about endless visa hurdles, paperwork, renewals,

not being able to change jobs or apply for jobs,

not being able to go to school or afford international fees,

not knowing where my daughter will go to school,

not being able to belong somewhere...

It is just a piece of paper yet it means SO much and I haven't felt so relieved for so long. I am overjoyed and grateful today.

I can call Canada home. Finally I can grow my "fiddle-fig leaf tree" here...

I am grateful to my friends who have been with me through the process...

I am grateful to everyone who have helped me to wait patiently...

I am grateful to University of Toronto MSW admission, literally saving me from this limbo by helping me to expedite this process ( which has taken undeniably long...)

I am grateful to my local MP and his office, for helping with my case, generously and pushing it through.

Last and more importantly, I am forever grateful to my partner in crime, my rock, Arda.

This was his idea - to apply for Canadian PR - when Eleanor was born. He was sick of visas, renewals as much as me, and he was so upset to see me suffer for so long...I am so grateful for his vision and weathering this storm with me.

I am so grateful to have you by my side, Arda. This is our success as a team. We earned it :)

Now it is time to help people who are going through the same storm. It is time to fight for them and with them.

Now after 2 years, at the brink of our new chapter, I am looking to the future and it hasn't been brighter.

and I am telling myself;

"It is a new dawn, it is a new day."

The fight is over Kumsal.


April 29,2021



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