The itsy bitsy spider

Itsy bitsy spider climbs up the water spout. This time, would she be able to reach the top?

If you have a child, especially a toddler, I know you are master of nursery rhymes, too.

Little Bo Beep, who lost her sheep way too many times to count.... and doesn't know where to find them... (here goes the sheep AWOL again...)

and ten little buses; 1 little, 2 little, 3 little buses, 4 little, 5 little, 6 little buses, 7 little, 8 little, 9 little buses, 10 little buses. I swear to God, every time I listen to this song, I hear bastards instead of buses... and I am like, "seriously, what's wrong with me?"

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are (and I wonder how many more times we can sing this song...)

Maybe we are listening way too much of these songs... and I started memorizing them all.

Well, Eleanor is about to turn two and she loves babbling. We want her to improve her vocabulary so we love playing with cards & books. She has all sorts of musical instruments (which keep singing all day long and sometime we just live in a big cacophony...)

Oh, and there is also Netflix!

I know it can raise some eyebrows that we let her watch TV. Sorry to break the news for those people - I am not one perfect parent. Maybe you can keep searching for that and clearly this is not your lucky day and this blog does not belong to a "perfect parent".

We are as guilty as it gets, as we let her watch some cartoons on Netflix during the day while we work, prepare food and stay alive & sane.

and just a food for thought, when it is a mad house and you are about completely lose your thing - cartoons can be a life saver.

All day long, on and off, we listen to these songs, sing them and sometimes we dance with them. I am proud to say that I got quite good at singing "heads, shoulders knees and toes" while Eleanor keeps touching her eyes, nose and sometimes her knees and toes.

yes, thank you - we are an amazing team!

I was thinking of my favorite nursery song the other day.

I mean, come on, you develop some preferences one at the end of the day if this is the only playlist you are listening to regularly... (Yes, parent life can be quite wild and adventurous!)

and I came to this conclusion that Itsy Bitsy Spider is my favorite.

Well, if you don't know the song, here it goes.

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout.

Down came the rain

And washed the spider out.

Out came the sun

And dried up all the rain

And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again.

I read that this song is a classic English rhyme in English speaking countries and a finger play. It is obviously good for learning new vocabulary, improving cognitive skills and some fine motor skills too.

I love this song besides its quick to remember and it also conveys such an important message to children (and adults alike)

It is such a great metaphor of life as it is. The ups and down and endless cycles that we all go through...

When you feel like you are climbing up, there comes the "rain", washes you out.

and you are right where you started...

Well, kind of worse, cause you are "wet"... (sorry about that.)

The things that you can not control keeps messing with you and the fact that we all keep getting washed out so many times when we are trying to climb our mountains... yeah we can all relate to that.

Then, when you are "wet", sitting at where you started, kind of desperate and maybe quite helpless, there comes a help.

Some divine intervention: finally the universe giving you a break. The sun comes up.

The sun is coming up, dries up the rain and drying the poor spider.

Next day, it is a new day & it is a new dawn and the spider again tries to climb the water spout.

The climb, the rain, the drying and climbing again. This song has it all, and all the wisdom we need at tough times.

When we can't control things and get washed out, all we can do is try again after we are dry. and that there is always hope.

If I can pass one thing through nursery rhymes to Eleanor, this is it. The resilience of the spider.

The spider doesn't stop climbing the water spout, just because she gets wet. Even when she gets wet again and again, she tries again and again. That's what life is about. The rain always comes. Yet the sun, too.

You need to keep trying, climbing, getting washed out and climbing again.

It is the way.

Well, you can guess why I liked this song so much... Aside from the fact that as a parent, I am sometimes losing it and relating to spiders in the nursery rhymes (and write about it shamelessly!),

I too dare to climb mountains to big for me, like this spider. Occasionally.

I get washed out so many times. SO many that I stopped counting anymore.

yet, every time the sun comes up. Every time I get dry.

every time there is somehow help.

and every time I dry up and try again.

Would it be too crazy if I ask you all, "Aren't we all itsy bitsy spiders in one way or another?"

We all have our water spouts to climb.

We are all washed out so many times, yet the sun always comes up.

We climb up again and dare to