The year I got fluent in Toddlerese

Updated: Apr 26

The pearls of wisdom from a 2 years old, my (almost) 2 years old daughter

You adults take everything so seriously.

In your grown up world, you do your grown up things. You wake up, go to places, work work work, run run run, eat whatever and sleep. You are so serious, upset, sad, mad...

When it comes down to answers, you act like you know it all. I get it, you have seen it a lot. You complain about stuff. Your jobs, bosses, life…

I feel like "knowing it all" doesn’t help you to be more wise or happy sometimes mommy. I want you to remember some things that I discovered from my first two years.

I may have been around for a little while ( 2 years to be exact!) Yet I think I know some things by heart and before I grow up and unlearn them, I want you to know these secrets:

Listen up, I have couple of wisdom to pass by.

1- Good play means good sleep mommy

I know they asked you about my sleep, mommy. Your family, neighbors, a complete stranger on the street...

"Does she sleep?" and "How does she sleep?"

Well, you know, it took me a while to sleep through the night. 9 months to be exact. I needed my milk at 3am for the first 9 months and thanks for being so patient with me!

and once I was one year old, I started sleeping very well at night.

Well, sometimes I still struggle with my naps during the day and I still can't tell you what is bothering my exactly. It can be my teeth, (yeah, you always put so much blame on teething for enigmatic sleep regressions, right?) my diaper or an empty stomach... who knows? sometimes I can not soothe myself to sleep...even though I need to sleep. I know it can be hard to figure out it mommy, yet with daddy, you always do!

I just want you to let you know something that I discovered mommy; that could be very useful. When I play well during the day, when I spend time with my toys and with you or daddy, I sleep much better.

It doesn't have be long, perhaps 15-30 minute of your time.

But I want that time mommy, I need that play. It shows me how much you care and love me.

I just love playing with you and daddy. You are my best play friends (for now!)

I love going through my books with you,

I love when we sing "heads, shoulders, knees and toes" with you...

I love building block towers and listening to songs from my guitar dog...

I also love when we listen to the Mulberry Bush song on Netflix...

I mean, so many options for us to choose... so let's make this clear mommy, good play means good sleep.

I think it is a fair deal! I can't promise that I will not go through another sleep regression or teething again... or have a mystical cry, yet I can guarantee you most of the time, I will go down smoothly and happily if I feel like it was a playful day.

So, my advice to you mommy, if you want me to sleep well, please spend sometime with me during the day. Let's play together and I will sleep much better.

2- Randomness means purposeful – look at me closer mommy

Lately, I have been doing a lot of things mommy you know. I have been babbling more, running more, reading more...

Sometimes I see you watching me and I feel like you are confused, perhaps wondering what am I doing and why. I just want to let you know that nothing I do is random mommy.

I need to listen a song five times to get it right.

I need to go up and down the stair for fifteen times to make sure I am feel confident.

I need to press all the buttons of my guitar to find my favorite song ( did you realize that I have favorites?)

I sometimes try risky and quite dangerous things mommy, but I need to do them to see what I can do and what I can not.

At meal times, I don't feel like eating much so I do not touch my food. That is not a coincidence mommy. I do it on purpose. That means I am full!

I look into my books as if it is random, but sometimes I am looking for a particular object. Listen to me closer mommy, like you did the other day. I was looking for balls in my books and then I found my red ball under the ottoman? Did you see that smile on my face that day? Yes, that was not random mommy!

After every bath time, I need you to hug you mommy, while daddy dries my hair. I guess I am still getting used to the noise of the blow dryer and I need you close to me.

And if I cry in the middle of the night, that is not random as well. That means I need you. (Please come fast.)

The bottom line is mommy, if you can not make sense of what I am doing, that means you are not looking close enough. Please slow down and watch closer, then you will know the purpose behind my actions.

3- Learning takes time mommy - be patient with me

Oh, mommy this one is so important. I ne